Friday, October 17, 2008

OMG What a Drama Queen!!!!!

For this post i need to start at the beginning! well at least yesterday morning! OH! and a deep breath!

I was having such a good day, finished making a skirt, went shopping, pottered around home looking forward to Jai's birthday party that evening, then @ 3:30pm everything went SKEWIFF!!! It was hot and i was flaking so decided to have a nana nap, it was too hot to sleep and i heard my housemate (HM) come home, I jumped up and must’ve looked completely stressed out (I was just hot (the air con hadn't been turned on coz i was waiting for the plumber to come and stop it leaking (I had previously paid him to fix it before but problem persisted!))) so HM agrees to jump up on the roof and have a look, even though he has ice melting in his car out front. we run around throw the ladder up he climbs up, turns the a/c tap on slightly then says he can't open the a/c, i tell him how and hw proceeds, one look and he says he doesn't know about those types of floats so he chucks the side panel back onto the a/c.

back inside and extra hot i turn on the a/c anyway, regardless of the leak and there is a terrible noise coming from the a/c that wasn't there b4, as i just had the whole thing fixed last January i waited till HM left b4 going to my room to cry over slack tradesmen. HM walks back in (which i really needed!) his dog was trying to escape so he runs out the back, brings her inside and leaves asking me to watch her till she forgets about him.

HM locks front door, i take Jess, his dog out my side door into an enclosed area full of beautiful garden beds, i start watering plants, dogs and the goat. I take the hose and fittings out the front to catch the a/c run off and divert it to my Jacaranda trees out the front.

I go back inside and then decide for some strange reason to go out my studio door, the key i normally leave beside it is no longer there so i go back to the kitchen table where my keys always sit and they aren’t there.

I look in the usual places, can’t find them! Look in unusual places, can't find them! by this time i am nearly mentally broken down!

I leave my house through my side door leaving it unlocked, go over mums house and after her seeing my face i break down sobbing like a child because the universe is picking on me! god i feel like a drama queen writing this.

I feel a bit better for telling mum so she comes to help me look for the keys and i call HM thinking he has definitely picked them up on his way out, he says no!

HM turns up on the doorstep minutes later, i immediately think he has found them and is returning them, but no he has brought over a psychic friend, she starts telling me "white fabric" so i frantically look through every piece of white fabric i can find, no keys!

psychic friend is telling me i need a mini trampoline so i can lift the energy around my head, i tell her i already have one and it doesn't work, she says she wants to buy one, i give her mine, can’t think of a price so she can take it and we will talk about it later.

she leaves with mini tramp. HM also leaves, mum and i keep looking for keys!

HM returns with $50 which is more than i expected but who is complaining! keep looking for keys!, I climb up onto the roof and open the a/c, one of the metal rods that holds the pad in has come loose and is leaning into the barrel which is making the clicking sound, I straighten the rod back to it’s original position and replace the side, completely fixing the bad sound. The house is starting to cool down and so am I slightly!

I have a shower to cool off and chill out, go back over mums and start retracing my footsteps in my head, no luck. by this time Jai's party has already started and my head is hurting so badly so i go to get some really expensive dark chocolate to pick me up, me and dad eat most of it, the three of us listen to a few good songs to distract me without success. by this time i am convinced the keys are in HM's car so will get them in the morning. HM has gone to Jai's party so i decide to clean the kitchen and cook something decident. I notice that my plastics cupboard stinks so i get some towels to sit on and start piling everything out.

Two hours later i have scrubbed every cupboard in and out, cleaned all the light switches, gotten useless crap out of cupboards and am scrubbing the kitchen floor, having cooked some mini quiches.

HM thinks i am mad for spending a friday night cleaning, but it helped clear my head.

had a descent sleep so this morning i woke up and started doing things like washing and organising, the house looks pretty well spotless by 10am and i got confirmation that the keys definitely weren’t in the car. I am starting to think that perhaps someone just walked in and stole them and was planning to come back and raid the house later i am getting sad again!

I empty my handbag for the fifty millionth time and decide it needs a wash so and just walking to the laundry when HM (out the back) asks me if i think his dog may have eaten them, i say that she was just looking for him and not food and as i am right next to the pool table i stick my hand into the catcher hole and ruffle the balls, i hear a tinkle and pull out my keys, right in front of HM, we are both in shock!!!

In my frustration with tradesmen haze yesterday I must’ve thrown my keys onto the pool table and they must've swished down the hole without me noticing. I sms everyone who helped me and kick myself for the drama! Although if they had've gone down any other hole they would never be seen again!

.......... today continuing ..........

I decide to go down to check the mail and radio station, all is wel, but as i go to cross the road there is a "bright spark" in a car who patiently stops to let me cross the road in front of where he/she is turning, I stop to let it go and then all of a sudden two other cars are coming from each direction! i hurry across and the car hurries around the back of me, and we all survive! I look to the sky and think about saying yet another bad phrase and decide instead to simply yell ""BLESS ME!!!"" I pull out my keys and open my PO Box and there is only one letter in there, it is my bank cheque from Heather Lawrence in London who has just bought two of my paintings. I start crying again! I don't know if i am up or down or in or out!

Finally i am an official professional artist, (other than sales to family and friends of course)

I decide that whatever else bad that might happen to me today or ever just will not affect me at all! I call mum to tell her the good news and bump into a close friend and we jump around in a circle with excitement! I feel like i won the lottery! or something like that anyway! finally i am celebrating something that comes from so deep inside me and it is all my own work too! here i go crying again but now it might be from the glass of icy gin and lemonade i indulged in whilst writing this!

I have a bottle of Riccadonna in the fridge for later because as this is a special occasion i want to celebrate it right and spectacularly!

If Heather was here right now i would have a drink with her and hug her so tightly!!!

I will just have to save up and travel to London to see her and celebrate!

So here are the paintings Heather now owns…

Name: Anita Seery

Title: Serenity

Medium: Oil on canvas

Canvas Size: 1m x 1m

Created: July 2008

In this painting the use of layers of deep ultra marine blue gives a sense of timelessness, the painting has the calm of dawn but the clarity of midday and a warmth of dusk. Symbolically the boat is anchored but instead of straining at its capture it is at rest, happy to wait until it is called upon for it’s next journey

The boat size here is important also, dinghies are commonly used as amateur recreational vessels as opposed to professional outfits. One gets the feeling that the boat is waiting patiently for it’s oarsman to come and start a peaceful days fishing. In life that oarsman could be a friend, lover or companion to share an experience with.

Name: Anita Seery

Title: Equanimity

Medium: Oil on canvas

Canvas Size: 1m x 1m

Created: July 2008

In this painting the use of warm orange, reds, yellows and blues express a peaceful wholesome restful passage. The direction of the boat towards the setting sun implies a happy ending to come and finally the lack of anyone controlling the boat shares a feeling of freedom in ones life to go wherever the water may take us.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Career Descisions

Well I need a job! I'm sick of being broke and bored! I have nearly finished throwing out ll the crap from my house which means that i will be twidling my thumbs in no time at all!

So i have picked a new career and the training to become acredited is quite expensive, $3000.00 in fact not including accomodation while i study. So i have been thinking of ways to raise the cash needed. Most likely i will have to sell one or two of my precious guitars which makes me feel so sad! I love them all as if they were my own babies.

But who really needs six guitars anyway? one has been sitting in the neighbours cupboard for over a year and it's accesories have been scatterred over such a big area. So i've decided it will be the first one to go lol! :(

The next descision in the pursuit of this training is to wait the three months till the next entry point which might allow me to find extra cash and perhaps somewhere cheap to live while i study

Can you all cross your fingers for me :)

Achieving Small Goals

Today i set myself three tasks to complete...

First give myself the afternoon off... done!

Second Do ten pushups... done!
although i used my knees but i really did try hard!

and thirdly... Google myself... done!
I found this site lol
It reminded me to write somthing on here :)

Swag rug

This is a simple pattern that i made to recover a diminishing quilt for mum. It is meant to go into a swag so i used darker colours. I really like the way it turned out.

Australiana Quilt

I have finished making a single bed quilt, it took roughly twelve hours straight. It started last week when i read a website that said you should keep your sewing machine clean at all times so i cleaned it and got inspired.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Patchwork

This is Mums lounge which is the home of the two latest cushions I've made.

This is my quilt i made using fabric from all old clothes of my childhood. I also made three cushions out of left over squares.

Here are all the cushions i have made collectively. they look great.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Who Am I?

Who am i?

What is my identity?

Has my identity been stolen?

Have I lost passion?

Why am I not inspired?

Why do people make me lie to them instead of just giving me a break and accepting my instincts as real?

Where do I find myself again?

If I have lost confidence, why do I need it?

I had this thought today that I am thirty years old and I have experienced some pretty wonderful things in my time on earth. So now when I have an idea or simply just do something, having others tell me what I should do, or how I can do it better is really demeaning!

Isn’t half the process of growing learning from ones own mistakes and self developments?

It’s no wonder I am feeling adrift when my life seems never to be good enough for other people.

And “why should I listen to them?” I hear you ask! Well because I care about these people, yep the same ones that make me feel like crap, I end up avoiding because they are not real or relevant to where I am in my life right now.

We attract people that we need in our lives and right now all I need is a man to support me, I think I have found him, and the most troubling bit is that he has been there all along! I am too blind literally and figuratively and have been misguided by those around me, yep the same ones I claim to care about.

So back to the top again,

Who am I?

I’ve been googling “how to find ones identity” but there is nothing on the internet that I have come across yet to help me.

If I meander through this life just a little while longer will things finally fall into place?

I hope so!

Conceptual Expressionism

Bit of a mouthful i know but today i stuck myself into a box, something artists should never do! but i am different! coz i cut the cardboard to build the box to my own measurements lol

the other day i was out to dinner with some friends and someone asked me what type of art i do and i replied vaigly saying i would class myself as an expressionist. I love the colour fields and fauvist styles i sometimes present, but it occurred to me today that everything i do, no matter what medium i am working with, has a concept behind it.
When i was at tafe my concept was this…

“using film and photography I want to investigate the relationship between human emotions and the power of water”

another mouthful i know.

lately, still on the same track i have been dabling a bit deeper, looking at myself as a vessel out in the ocean with the ability to land on whatever grounds i want to but feeling a bit adrift at the same time.

I started keeping a daily journal of my feelings and the colours i felt at the time to help me come up with a series of paintings to express it. I have prepared two canvases and today started applying the background image to one of them. I am impressed with the colours so far and can’t wait for the finished result although i will be taking it slowly like the masters have done before me.

Last night i was listening to a lecture by a guy named Jim Rohn and in it he said…

“Philosophy is the sails and Opportunity is the wind”

I thought it applied to me and my life so i added it to my journal.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Leo Tolstoy

Lately I've been getting into a bit deeper literary readings, Leo Tolstoy is my current obsession.

Here are a few quotes i have found by him that apply to my life right now, I hope some people i know will find them relevant to their time here on earth too!

Joy can be real only if people look on their life as a service, and have a definite object in life outside themselves and their personal happiness.

Your life will feel empty if you have hatred toward even one person. If someone offends you... you can say to yourself, 'This person abused me. That is his or her choice, but it is my choice to do good.'

Live in the needs of the day, that is, find forgetfulness.

"You become what you love."

"The best solution is to be kind and good while ignoring the opinions of others."

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

If you want to be happy, be.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Interesting Stuff From South Australia

At Naracoorte in SA I experienced my first live horse dancing competition. This is where the riders get music to match the horses hoof prints and they need to carry out a certain number of pace changes during the event.

I saw some terrible exhibitions of this but there was one lady who stood out totally, forgive me for not remembering her name, I will find that out but she used the classical track by Elgar - Pomp and Circumstance March No 1

She had it arranged at a sound studio to get the tempo of the track changed to match her horses hooves. Unlike many of the other contestants she didn't need to cut the track and leave horrible pauses in the track.

It stood out magnificently and i was so inspired. I can't wait till i get my next horse, I will have it dancing around in no time :)

These are some friendly Kookaburras that visited us at Pete's Place In Mundulla South Australia

I thought this seat and table was interesting. You can find it outside the tourist centre in Bordertown South Australia.

Stallion ... He Bites

One of my adventure days in Naracoorte in South Australia me and two friends were wonderring through the stables after the eventing was finished.

Se came across this horse who was overly friendly with his mouth and we all decided he might be a bit bitey so we should keep clear of his stall.

Then we noticed the fine print on the canvas sheet by his head, it says "STALLION ... HE BITES"!

We thought the owners could have made a bigger effort on the signage lol :)

Family Trip To Freo

On my way over East me and the folks decided to spend a day travelling through our old town Fremantle in Western Australia

Here are some pics of Dad ...We had a giggle forcing him to stand under them all lol :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stress & Destressing

Well as you can see it’s been a few weeks since I last posted something, I’ve been traveling all over the countryside.

I will start posting my pics and stories shortly but for now I wanted to tell you about my day. My life has turned un-necessarily stressful recently and having once had burn out I can feel it coming on a bit recently, so I’ve decided to pull away from those people and situations that detract from my happiness.

Today I spent the day cleaning my mum’s back area which has that horrible fake grass that collects dirt and with three dogs in the backyard they make a great mess of it all. After vacuuming and washing walls and thing tops it looked like a million dollars and I was so proud.

I was still feeling a little wrestles so decided to tackle some weeds in my front yard and have only got raking and disposal of them to go.

I guess when all these jobs are done I can start focusing on work again but for now I am happy pretending I am stress free.

It’s pretty funny sometimes I will be watching tv at mum’s house and I will warn her that some shows are prone to making me cry and she laughs but without fail the waterworks have started before the end of the show.

I guess I am being a little emotional but until I find my place in this beautiful world I will remain emotional lol

You will just have to get used to me the way I am J

Thursday, April 17, 2008

How To Stop Dog Biting

In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned a few dogs that were destroyed for biting people, I feel bad for the animals, disgust at some irresponsible dog owners for not training or restraining their dogs. When I was a child I was bitten on the stomach by a sheepdog, it was a working dog and I was a stupid kid who threw my arms around it’s head as if it was one of my own dogs. I think this is why I still don’t trust many dogs and don’t tolerate irresponsibility.

The dog that bit me wasn’t bad, people should look after their dogs as well as their children, and both shouldn’t be left unsupervised at any time.

It is usually possible to train a dog not to bite, if it is a young dog doing it as part of play with you and other people that he knows. The best way is to say 'No' or 'Ouch!' firmly and loudly right at him, and stop playing with him whenever he does it.

This is the same way that mother dogs teach their puppies not to bite too hard. First, they bark and growl at the puppy. Then they turn away and ignore the puppy for a while. If he continues to bite, the mother will grip the scruff of his neck and shake him until he submits. Going limp is a sign of submission.

Your puppy may have been taken from his mother before he learnt this, so you may have to play the part of the mother. Don't hit him but if he persistently bites you despite being ignored, take hold of the scruff of the neck and shake. But don't lift him when you do this - it is not necessary and could be dangerous.

If your dog is a puppy, he is probably teething. Like a child, he needs toys to chew on, so you should make sure there are plenty of these that he knows are his. However, do not give him a toy immediately when he bites you, or he may see it as a reward. That would encourage him to bite you every time he wants a toy to chew on!

Then at other times, when you see him chewing on his toy, praise him and give him attention. This will reinforce the good behavior. This can be the hardest thing to do. While it seems natural to us to correct bad behavior, we usually ignore good behavior. But if you fuss when he bites you, and ignore him when he chews his toy, what do you think he will prefer to do? Yes, bite you, of course!

If an older dog bites, the problem can be more serious, especially if it is a large breed. Bites that break the skin can become infected, and if your dog is allowed to continue biting there is a risk that someone may be seriously injured.

Biting is natural to dogs and they do have to be trained out of it. It will be harder now that he has the habit, but even more important to train him successfully. You will need to be very consistent in your training over several weeks or even months.

You may have adopted a rescue dog whose history you do not know, or an older dog that you were told was well behaved but now is not. Try the same methods, but don't try to shake a big dog. Keep in mind that this may be a temporary behavioral problem related to the stress of the dog's new life in your home. Your training will be most effective if accompanied by a lot of love. Let him keep any toys that he brought with him. These might help him to settle, as well as being something that he can safely bite.

If the dog is aggressive in other ways, e.g. growling when people approach his food bowl or acting aggressively toward other pets or children in a way that is clearly not play, then he is trying to be dominant in the household. Often, the dog will allow one adult to be 'leader of the pack' but he wants to be second. This can be a dangerous situation and you may need to work with a professional dog trainer on this.

If you have small children it is better not to take on dogs that have been bred for guard dogs or sheep dogs, who tend to bite more seriously than others. These include Doberman, Chow Chow, Collie and Rottweiler. There are other breeds that don't get along well with kids for other reasons, including Pekinese, Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Cocker Spaniel and Dachshund.

If you have one of these dogs and then you have a baby, you may have to consider finding a new home for your pet. In this situation it may not be safe to rely on being able to train a dog not to bite.

enter>Dogs Will Be Dogs

Dogs Will Be Dogs

Jumping, barking, digging, chewing and house soiling are just a few of the topics covered in this audio download.

* Leader of the Pack
* Good House Manners
* The Art of Housebreaking
* My Destructive Dog

The first step in establishing a healthy, happy relationship with your dog is understanding why he behaves the way he does. This entertaining audio program--designed for all ages--will teach you about "dogs being dogs."

Experts from St. Hubert’s Dog Training School in Madison, New Jersey--one of the largest dog training schools in America--share simple and humane techniques for gently but effectively training your four-footed friend. Hear directly from the dog’s mouth the straight scoop on canine motives and how he perceives your behavior. Learn how to communicate to your dog what you want him to do and what behaviors are acceptable.

Helping your dog become a well-behaved member of your household can be fun and rewarding--for both of you!

About the Authors
St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center is a nonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering and neglect of companion animals. Our animal shelters provide safe refuge and compassionate care for thousands of lost, abandoned, abused, and unwanted dogs and cats every year.

Founded in 1939 by Geraldine R. Dodge, St. Hubert’s serves the animals and people of the community with a wide variety of programs that nurture the human-animal bond and foster an environment in which people respect all living creatures. Many of our innovative programs for animals and people serve as models for other organizations across the country.

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How Do You Train Your Dog Not To Jump On People?

Isn’t it annoying when you visit a fiends place and their dog’s straight away jump up to greet you! Not only can it be a frightening experience if you don’t trust the dog yet, it wants to be close to your face, or greedy dogs wanting to smell your mouth or sniff your hands. Some dogs are too heavy to simply push off you!

Most owners of puppies need to train the dog not to jump up at people. Most young dogs are very interested in any new person and they will be so eager to meet your visitors or any other human that they encounter, that they will jump up on their legs in greeting.

This is in fact submissive behavior on the dog's part. It is showing that it has no intention of starting a fight with the person. However, the jumping can be very frightening for children. A big dog can easily knock a young child over, without intending to hurt them at all. This can lead to some kids becoming terrified of dogs. This is unnecessary and I am sure you will want to make sure that your dog does not cause that kind of reaction.

For adults, it is usually not scary (unless they had a bad experience in childhood) but it can be annoying if the dog is wet or muddy and leaves marks on their clothes. However, it is often the case that the person will react in a friendly way, by stroking the dog, saying hello and playing with him. People may do this either because they genuinely like dogs, or to stop the dog embarrassing them by sniffing their groin.

This can be a big problem if you are trying to teach the dog not to jump. He gets a confusing message. On the one hand, you are saying 'Down!' or calling him to you; on the other hand, the visitor is clearly rewarding him for his jumping with lots of lovely attention. So it is better for you not to react when he jumps on a stranger.

If you concentrate on training him when he is jumping on people that he knows, you can enlist their help. Be sure they know that the dog is not allowed to jump up at them and must not be rewarded for it. If he jumps, they should just stand very still and not even make eye contact with him.

You can do the same when he jumps on you. He will soon get down and when he does, you can speak the command 'Down' or 'Off' and reward him. This way he is only rewarded for getting off - not jumping. Or you can wait a moment, then tell him to 'Sit' and reward him for that.

You and your family members will probably know the dog well enough to see when he is about to jump at you. You can forestall him by turning sideways and slowly walking away. This will show him that you are neither afraid of him nor aggressive toward him, and it will calm him.

It is very important not to punish the dog for jumping by slapping him down or grabbing his paws. Remember that the dog is showing his submissiveness by doing this - so if you are aggressive with him, he thinks his message has not come across and he will try even harder with the same behavior. It is very important not to either reward or punish the unwanted behavior when you want to train a dog not to jump.

A Quick & Easy Technique To Teach Your Dog To Fetch

Don’t you just love it when you can be lazy and throw a toy for your dog and it brings it back and puts it on your lap, you don’t even need to bend down to pick it up again.

One of my closest friends though has a dog which has an OCD about “stuff” nothing in particular just anything it can put in front of your toes and then stand there and look at it!

The dog’s name was Spud which is funny because that is also my childhood nickname from my brothers. Spud would come over and no matter how clean you though your house was he would always find some little scrap of fluff to put at your toes and then stare at. Even if you slightly turned he would pick it up and relocate it to right in front of your toes, several times I ended up picking my feet up off the ground just to stop the feeling of claustrophobia creeping in lol!

It is a lot of fun to train a dog to fetch. Most young dogs are very happy to learn this new game, although they may initially be a little confused about the rules.

Many people start out wrongly with sticks in the park, perhaps putting the dog on a long leash. Although you will later be able to throw sticks for your dog in this way, it is not the best place to begin. Both the park and the stick itself are much too stimulating for the dog. She is going to find it hard to focus on you and your game there.

Instead, start in the house. The best place is a hallway where there are not too many distractions and you have room to throw. Close doors into rooms so that she really only has one place to go with the object: back to you.

Begin with the dog's favorite toys. You should come armed with as many as you can find. You will also need treats for when she gets it right. If you don't like to give her sweet treats, try carrots, which many dogs enjoy chewing on.

Take the first toy and wave it around the dog's nose to get her interested in it, then throw. If she goes after it, she gets a treat. She doesn't have to bring it back to be rewarded at this stage - chasing is enough. If she doesn't go after it but just looks or ignores it, let it lie where it fell and throw another one. Sooner or later she will chase after one of them as you throw.

The next step to be rewarded is when she picks up the toy you just threw. (Don't reward her for picking up a toy that you threw a few minutes before - she will not learn the game that way).

If you have already trained her to come, you can call her back to you, but at first she will probably drop the toy. Don't reward her for coming back without the toy, unless she brings it close to where you are. Sooner or later she will bring one all the way and that is the moment for the rewards to start again. Even if she will not give you the toy, she gets a reward the first time she does this.

Finally, she will drop the toy in front of you, panting happily, and wait expectantly for you to reward her or throw it again. And again, and again, and again.

Most dogs can easily be taught this game and they love it. If you have a dog who does not seem to want to learn, you may be able to teach her by getting together with another owner whose dog is a good fetcher. Play with the other dog and let your dog see that you are rewarding him for fetching correctly. If your dog still doesn't join in, maybe she is not interested in the treats.

When you can play fetch with your dog in the park, she gets tons of exercise without you having to do a lot of running around or worrying about where she is and what she is into. So it is worth continuing to train a dog to fetch.

Selecting A Used Dog Training Collar

You can often find a used dog training collar online if you keep your eyes open. But before you bid or buy, there are some things that you should know about electronic dog training collars.

The way that these collars work is quite simple. They fasten around the dog's neck and can emit a small electric shock to the dog. The idea is that getting a shock each time he does something unwanted will teach the dog not to do that any more.

Strength Of Stimulation

The strength of the shock can vary and the first thing that you should do is consider whether you know what strength your dog will need.

Just about all professional dog trainers these days agree that the best way to train a dog is by rewards and reinforcing good behavior. Punishing a dog for bad behavior is not nearly so effective. Often it confuses the dog and just makes him scared of life, without changing his behavior at all. So it is very important that the training collar that you buy just gives the dog a slight buzz that he would prefer to avoid, not any kind of painful or frightening shock that could be considered a punishment.

Other things being equal, you would expect a large dog to require a stronger reminder than a small dog, but this is not necessarily the case. Some breeds and some individual dogs are more stubborn and harder to train than others. So it is a good idea if you are looking for one of these collars, to choose one that has a variable setting. Start with the lowest setting and see how your dog responds.

Owner-Controlled Collars

Collars vary in the type of control. Some collars are remote-operated by the owner and others are automatic.

With a remote-operated collar, you would only use the collar when you were actively training the dog. You would hold a small instrument like a pager and you would press a button on it when you wanted to control the dog.

Some people choose to train the dog this way because it seems like an easy option. Instead of spending hours playing and speaking to the dog, you can just press a button. However, people who use training collars this way do not find they work very well! Reinforcement is vital in dog training and even if you use a collar method, you should reward the dog for correct behavior at the same time.

Automatic Collars

Other collars are worn by the dog all of the time and will automatically give the electric shock reminder when the dog does a certain thing. These are most commonly used for 2 purposes:

1. Keep the dog within a certain area

These collars will activate when the dog crosses a perimeter boundary that you set up on your land. They work a little like an electric fence, but instead of a physical fence there is a sensor system.

This can be useful if you have an unfenced yard or if you want to restrict the dog to certain areas of your property. However, it is not effective on every individual dog and will work best on a dog who is new to your property.

If the dog has been allowed to go all over the property in the past and suddenly you try to restrict him with a collar, the reminder may not be enough to make him drop his habit of wandering. If he braves it once, he will find that after he is through the barrier, he is free. So an older dog may blast his way through - not every time perhaps, but enough to make the barrier unreliable.

2. Stop unwanted barking

The collar senses when the dog barks, and administers a shock. These collars are mostly used by people who have to leave their dog alone a lot and have neighbors complaining about the barking. They can be very effective in this situation.

Sensors can work either on sound, or on the vibration of the vocal chords, or both. The most reliable ones use both. An anti-barking collar that works on both sound and vocal chord vibration is probably the best use of an electronic dog training collar, because there is no other effective way to train a dog not to bark when you are not home to do it yourself.

For this to work as a training system it is vital that the sensor is accurate. If the dog receives random shocks when he didn't bark (e.g. because another dog barked on the street) he will not associate the shock with his own barking and will not learn to stop.

It is also important not to have this type of collar controlling the dog all of the time. You must allow the dog times when he can bark, because it is a natural function to him. So you can have him bark when you are home. But if you only put the collar on him when you are about to go out, he will associate it with you leaving, which could cause a problem in itself. So it is better if you can disable the sensor, or put the collar on him well ahead of time.

Electronic dog collars can cause lesions around the dog's neck because they are often heavy and need to be close-fitting for the electrodes to contact the skin. So if you do go ahead and buy a used dog training collar, check your dog regularly for sore spots.

A Guide To Dog Training

A Guide To Dog Training

Getting a new puppy or adult dog is always an exciting time for the entire family. But unless you understand the intricacies of caring for a new best friend, that furry bundle of joy could become an anxiety problem. Stop problems in their tracks right now with this informative special report that will tell you everything you need to know about caring for your dog.
Adding a new puppy or dog to your family can be a wonderful experience and the beginning a long relationship filled with love and companionship. In order to achieve that level of love and companionship, however, it is important to start you need puppy or adult dog off on the right foot. training puppies – I also picked up some material on training adult dogs because by this time my cute little puppy was an obnoxious teenager!
What I learned absolutely changed my life-and the relationship I had with my dog!
Suddenly the dog that couldn’t wait to tear into every new pair of shoes I brought home was now a respectable pup that stuck with her puppy chow. The same dog that nearly gave my neighbor a heart-attack with her incessant jumping, barking and chasing was very well mannered. And no more near misses with passing cars!
How did I do it?
I would love to share my secrets with you and my new special report on training your puppy or dog does just that!
Everything you need to know is included in this special report:
  • Dog training basics – training the new puppy
  • Training your new puppy the right way
  • Training your new puppy to accept the collar and lead
  • Training your puppy – eliminating biting behaviors
  • ** You won’t want to miss the number one way to eliminate biting problems!!
I leave absolutely nothing out! Everything that I learned in order to transform my impossible, but lovable pup into a polite, well-mannered best friend is included.
For example; did you know that socialization is a critical skill for your dog?
Teaching a puppy or a dog proper socialization skills is vital to the safety of both your dog and other dogs and people with whom he comes into contact. A properly socialized dog is a happy dog, and a joy to be around for both humans and animals. A poorly socialized dog, or one with no socialization at all, is a danger to other animals, other people and even his own family.
My special report will teach you how to teach your puppy the proper socialization skills, including an exhausting do’s and don’t list. I also teach you how to eliminate your puppy or dog’s bad habits!
What’s the secret to training your puppy? I reveal it in my special report!
One of the most common problems for any new pet owner is house training. This can be a difficult time for both you and your puppy. I’ll show you how to make this training period easier and less traumatic for both of you! If you’re dealing with urination problems with an older dog; you must read this report because I even cover that as well!!
One of the worst fears of most pet owners is losing their beloved pet due to an accident with an automobile. Many times this occurs because the animal was not properly trained to obey even the most basic commands. Don’t allow that to happen to you and your dog. Teach your dog basic commands and ensure that he comes when you call.
Kick it up a notch!
When you’ve mastered the basic commands, I’ll show you how to train your dog on advanced commands.
This comprehensive special report covers the following topics:
  • Training your dog the reward training way
  • Dog Training – Dealing with Separation Anxiety
  • Dog training – keeping your dog motivated
  • Training your dog not to chase people, bicycles, joggers, etc.
  • Eliminating problem dog behaviors – jumping and roaming
  • Training the shy or fearful puppy or dog
  • Training your dog not to fear loud noises
  • Training your dog not to chase cars
  • Teaching your dog not to chew
Make your life and your dog’s more enjoyable and less problematic by learning the most effective methods for dog training!!
You'll Receive The Audio Book
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A Guide To Dog Training

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