Monday, June 16, 2008

Who Am I?

Who am i?

What is my identity?

Has my identity been stolen?

Have I lost passion?

Why am I not inspired?

Why do people make me lie to them instead of just giving me a break and accepting my instincts as real?

Where do I find myself again?

If I have lost confidence, why do I need it?

I had this thought today that I am thirty years old and I have experienced some pretty wonderful things in my time on earth. So now when I have an idea or simply just do something, having others tell me what I should do, or how I can do it better is really demeaning!

Isn’t half the process of growing learning from ones own mistakes and self developments?

It’s no wonder I am feeling adrift when my life seems never to be good enough for other people.

And “why should I listen to them?” I hear you ask! Well because I care about these people, yep the same ones that make me feel like crap, I end up avoiding because they are not real or relevant to where I am in my life right now.

We attract people that we need in our lives and right now all I need is a man to support me, I think I have found him, and the most troubling bit is that he has been there all along! I am too blind literally and figuratively and have been misguided by those around me, yep the same ones I claim to care about.

So back to the top again,

Who am I?

I’ve been googling “how to find ones identity” but there is nothing on the internet that I have come across yet to help me.

If I meander through this life just a little while longer will things finally fall into place?

I hope so!


Jake said...

Hello im Jake,
i only wish to share something that in my short time on this earth has led me to believe and that is that life is about expierience. Taking risks to have a better life. To jump at what you want most in life and once you have it, grasp onto it with both hands and dont let it go...

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