Friday, August 1, 2008

Career Descisions

Well I need a job! I'm sick of being broke and bored! I have nearly finished throwing out ll the crap from my house which means that i will be twidling my thumbs in no time at all!

So i have picked a new career and the training to become acredited is quite expensive, $3000.00 in fact not including accomodation while i study. So i have been thinking of ways to raise the cash needed. Most likely i will have to sell one or two of my precious guitars which makes me feel so sad! I love them all as if they were my own babies.

But who really needs six guitars anyway? one has been sitting in the neighbours cupboard for over a year and it's accesories have been scatterred over such a big area. So i've decided it will be the first one to go lol! :(

The next descision in the pursuit of this training is to wait the three months till the next entry point which might allow me to find extra cash and perhaps somewhere cheap to live while i study

Can you all cross your fingers for me :)

Achieving Small Goals

Today i set myself three tasks to complete...

First give myself the afternoon off... done!

Second Do ten pushups... done!
although i used my knees but i really did try hard!

and thirdly... Google myself... done!
I found this site lol
It reminded me to write somthing on here :)

Swag rug

This is a simple pattern that i made to recover a diminishing quilt for mum. It is meant to go into a swag so i used darker colours. I really like the way it turned out.

Australiana Quilt

I have finished making a single bed quilt, it took roughly twelve hours straight. It started last week when i read a website that said you should keep your sewing machine clean at all times so i cleaned it and got inspired.

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